For Consumers

Trusted Service Providers

Find and connect to the right service provider trusted by your family friends and colleagues! Have their information always current and at your finger tips.

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Share With Friends

Quickly and easily share providers with your family and friends. Automatically see trusted providers in your network. No lost or stale business cards or contact information!

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Get Real Deals

Get special offers from your favorite service providers. One tap easy access to deals by providers. No need to track coupons in the mail. Get real rewards for using our apps.

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For Service Providers

Connect With Customers

Connect to your customers and get your business visible among their family and friends. Easily get referred by your most potential referrers.

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Post Special Offers

Create and post special offers and deals to be viewed on mobile phones for free. Quickly post offers on Facebook to get higher visibility for your business.

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Smart Business Cards

Connect to your customers by exchanging smart business cards and go green. When you change any of your card information, everyone gets the updated cards.

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How It Works

Try It Out, It's Free!

FlashBind offers one app for both consumers and providers. Watch a short video to see how FlashBind works. To get started, download our Android or iPhone app by searching for "flashbind" in Google Play or Apple AppStore. You can also use the app links below. Create an account or sign in using Facebook and you can instantly start using our mobile platform. Checkout "Getting Started" to maximize your FlashBind experience.